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There’s nothing quite like going to new places and doing new things. What’s a bucket list for if not for that? Whether its treating your tastebuds to the flavours of quintessentially Johorean delicacies or throwing yourself into the deep end and diving off one of Johor’s paradise islands, the choice of unforgettable experiences is endless. And it could be yours.

Get off the beaten path. Opt to stay at one of Kota Tinggi district’s many DesaStays, where you’ll get to experience the culture of a traditional Malay village, or take a quick breather at one of the organic farms, where you’ll see how organic produce goes from farm to table. Take the scenic route by hopping onto an ambling train to Kluang. At the quaint station, enjoy a typical local breakfast of coconut jam on charcoal-grilled toast and a cup of ‘kopi’ at Kluang Rail Coffee.

On your journey through Johor, you might even acquire a taste for the infamous King of Fruits. Road-trip to Johor’s durian district of Segamat, where you’ll get to sample a variety of taste profiles from mild and sweet to bittersweet and creamy. Do things you’ve never done before, only in Johor.