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When visiting a place, what exactly is it that makes it distinctly different? How can one truly get to know a place – what is its essence? Is it the people and their culture? Is it the culinary delights? Or is it what it’s been through that makes it what it is?

From the royal town of Muar, famed for its historical pre-war buildings, to the museums of Johor Bahru, immerse yourself in a state full of discovery. Be sure to make a pitstop at one of the oldest buildings in Johor, the Royal Abu Bakar Museum. Occupying the Grand Palace, the museum takes you through the glorious history of the Royal family and showcases their rare artefacts and priceless treasures.

Are you a culture vulture? Take in the traditional arts and crafts scene, from the stately attire of the Teluk Belanga to the delicate dance and music of the zapin and ghazal. Encounter the friendly faces of Johor and enjoy their array of mouthwatering fare, the likes of Johor’s iconic banana cake or its homegrown coffee culture.

Discover what makes Johor truly unique; through its history, through its culture, through its cuisine, but most of all, through its people.