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Whether it’s to lounge on some of the state’s most breathtaking beaches or take a leisurely stroll through its historic lanes, you won’t want to miss a beat of Johor’s wondrous destinations.

Looking for a wholesome getaway with the kids? With a plethora of picks for family fun, from adrenaline-filled theme parks to educational eco-homestays and organic farms, there’s no better way to bond than with activities you and your kids can enjoy together. Be sure to visit Nictar Bee Farm, where you’ll get to wander through Malaysia’s oldest pineapple estate and learn the A to Z’s of pineapple farming and beekeeping.

Yearning for adventure and some wild abandon? Explore the inner reaches of Johor’s National Parks, where you’ll get to take in the pristine beauty of its lush rainforests, walk its canopies, and swim in its refreshing waterfalls. No matter if you’re a solo traveller or you’ve got your entire family with you, there’s something great destined for you in Johor.