Johor Gu Miao
Johor Gu Miou

Visit the oldest Chinese temple in Johor Bahru and gain a fascinating insight on one of the oldest cultures in Malaysia.

Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple (Chinese: 柔佛古廟; pinyin: Róufú Gǔmiào), also known as the Old Temple (Chinese: 古廟; pinyin: Gǔmiào) by the locals, is a Chinese temple located in Johor Bahru.

Located at downtown Johor Bahru of Jalan Trus, the temple is flanked by modern skyscrapers. This temple is one of the oldest structures in Johor Bahru.

The temple is a place of worship and a symbol of unity among Five Chinese Dialect Groups which are “Teochew”, “Hoklo (Hokkien)”, “Cantonese”, “Hakka” and “Hainan”.

In 2007, a Documentary series called My Roots had featured the temple in the episode “Grand March with the Deities”.


ADDRESS/LOCATION Lot 653, Jalan Trus, 8000 Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Ta’zim.
CONTACT NO +607-277 7858
OPERATION HOURS 7:00am (Everyday)
GPS COORDINATE Latitude : 1.461022  Longitude: 103.763156
Johor Gu Miou
Johor Gu Miou
Johor Gu Miou
Johor Gu Miou
Johor Gu Miou

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