Gunung Arong Recreational Forest



As you walk through the lush greenery of this tropical rainforest you are serenaded by the beguiling symphony of the nature. Gunung Arong Recreational Forest offers a refreshing change of scene from the beaches and clear blue waters normally associated with Mersing.

This reserve offers jungle trekking at low difficulty levels while still allowing you to enjoy the ambiance of the forest environment. Visitors can enjoy a picnic by a small waterfall before continuing to the summit of the mountain which boasts panoramic views of the surrounding forest and the ocean. Taking the coastal trekking route involves wading through water as well as walking over boulders and small wooden bridges, so it is best avoided for those looking for a simpler walk. A permit to climb the mountain for 15 people would set you back RM150 but you will have to pay extra if you’re looking to camp in the forest overnight.

Reminder : Get the hiking permit before you hiking at Gunung Arong from Johore State Forestry Department log on or you can directly contact Encik Zaharudin at +6019 789 8298 or +6019 723 9504 

ADDRESS/LOCATION Tanjung Resang,Mersing, Johor, Malaysia
CONTACT NO +607 7981 030 / +607 799 3363
GPS COORDINATE Latitude : 2.507881 Longitude : 103.740991

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