Pulau Kukup National Park

An island shrouded in legends of princesses and curses, or so the folklore says. Pulau Kukup National Park is one of the largest uninhabited mangrove forests in the world.

RAMSAR Site Sungai Pulai

A complex, flourishing ecosystem of mangroves, mudflats and riverine forests that epitomise Johor’s natural beauty. Sungai Pulai is another RAMSAR site that is abundant in lush greenery. The habitat houses unique mangrove wildlife, with birds such as the Mangrove Blue Flycatcher and mammals including the Brush-tailed Porcupines and Scaly Ant-Eaters.
Restoran Terapung Bujang Fire Fly

Restoran Terapung Bujang Firefly

Dine on a floating boat across the mangroves  of Desaru and watch the fireflies on a romantic night out with your loved one.
Taman Negara Endau Rompin

Taman Negara Endau Rompin

The guardian of over 80,000 hectares of some of the world’s oldest tropical rainforest, The Endau Rompin National Park covers a large part of north west Johor.
Tanjung Piai

Tanjung Piai National Park

Escape the hustle-bustle of city life to the calm and lilting sounds of the soothing ocean at Tanjung Piai National Park.
Zoo Johor

Zoo Johor

Marvel at over 100 species of animals living in one of the oldest zoos in Malaysia, Zoo Johor.