Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm (KOREF)

With just 45minutes drive from Kluang, you’ll be amazed by the uniqueness of Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm or known as KOREF for short offer you. By far this is the only one organic rice farm in Malaysia with over 260 acres of farming land! Not an ordinary farm as

Kluang Coffee Powder Factory

No exploration in Johor is complete without stop by at Kluang coffee powder factory. An engaging tour inside the coffee production shows visitor from the selection of best beans to the innovative technology used throughout the whole process, it is a blessed opportunity to discover the place where local coffee

Ladang Nanas

Agro tourism with a saccharine twist, this attraction showcases the long-standing love affair between Johor and pineapples. Ladang Nanas in Alor Bukit is, as the name suggests, a pineapple estate.
Nanyang Aquaculture

Nanyang Aquaculture

Dealing in imported, classic and rare species of different kinds of fish, the Nanyang Aquarium Centre is both an aqua-farming treasure trove and one-stop centre for fish aficionado.
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Nasuha Spices and Herbs Paradise

Need a glimpse of how paradise feels like?  Drive all the way to Johor and head to Nasuha spices and herbs paradise.

Nictar Bee Farm

A sugary sweet way to discover the lesser known highlights of Pontian. Nictar Bee Farm, tucked away in the middle of Malaysia’s oldest pineapple estate, showcases locally harvested pineapples and honey.

Rassuria Dairy Goat Farm

Enjoy the taste of dairy fresh goat milk without any added preservative & all the way from the farm

Uk Farm

Inhale a natural fresh air at UK Agro Farm where its beyond any doubt is the answer for your whole new experience in agro-tourism vacation away from city’s hustle and bustle. It is one hour driveway from Senai airport to Kluang town, called as one of the largest sheep and
Zenxin Organic Park

Zenxin Organic Park

The first open-to public organic farm in Malaysia, Zenxin Organic Park opens its doors for both educational and recreational visits.