Spanish Princess S01E08 online

Spanish Princess S01E08 online

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A beautiful teenage Spanish princess Catherine of Aragon knows she will become the wife of the English heir to the throne. The woman comes to gray and rainy England with her wonderful and diverse mansion, among others coming from sub-Saharan Africa, the lady of the court, Lina. Catherine is the princess of Wales, but when her husband Prince Arthur dies suddenly, her position is threatened. The princess, however, claims that her marriage has never been consummated, and therefore – as a virgin – she can marry the charismatic and stubborn prince Harry. It consists of eight episodes of a historical drama depicting the fate of Catherine of Aragon, who became the wife of Henry VIII.


Charlotte Hope – Catherine of Aragon

Ruairi O’Connor – Henry VIII

Laura Carmichael – Maggie Pole

Aaron Cobham – Oviedo

Elliot Cowan – King Henry Tudor

Stephanie Levi-John – Lina de Cardonnes

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