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Kluang Rail Coffee

For those seeking to experience true old-style Malaysian cuisine, be it a steaming hot cup of aromatic coffee or a delightful plate of nasi lemak with sambal on the side, Kluang RailCoffee offers an enticing taste of eclectic local flavours.

Gulai Kawah & Asam Pedas Hj Ishak

Nasi Gulai Kawah & Asam Pedas Haji Ishak

Nearby Ailang Hotel, situated at Blok L Perumahan Flat Haji Manan, a short distance from Kluang railway station, this eatery is famous for its ‘gulai kawah’, beef  curry cooked in a big wok.


Restoran Kari Kambing 40 Hari

Calling out for lamb lover out there, hunt down to Restoran kari kambing 40, definitely a must-go place to eat if you’re in town. The taste and fragrant of curry would get you the feeling of stumbled upon a hidden treasure.