List of Places


Galeri Terompah Mastor

Gallery that consist variety of terompah’s shape and color. With seven form of terompah’s design, each of them used bright and colorful paint to evoke the happy mood of the wearer. Over one thousand terompah been made every month to meet the need of customer both locals and abroad.  Now

Muzium Bukit Kepong

This is basically a museum that enshrine historical facts about how the authority back then struggled to fight the notorious attack by communist towards Bukit Kepong police station during the emergency period. Have a visit to the museum and learn more about Bukit Kepong’s history and at the same time

Rassuria Dairy Goat Farm

Enjoy the taste of dairy fresh goat milk without any added preservative & all the way from the farm

Uk Farm

Inhale a natural fresh air at UK Agro Farm where its beyond any doubt is the answer for your whole new experience in agro-tourism vacation away from city’s hustle and bustle. It is one hour driveway from Senai airport to Kluang town, called as one of the largest sheep and

Hairie Food Industry

Hairie Food Industry   ADDRESS/LOCATION TL 114, Jalan Benut Kg Dato Ibrahim Majid 86200 Simpang Renggam,Kluang CONTACT NO +6012 - 751 9271 OPERATION HOURS NA GPS COORDINATE Latitude :1.764310 Longitude : 103.306690 EMAIL NA FACEBOOK NA WEBSITE NA

Restoran RZ

Been to Segamat and looking for restaurant serve various of dishes? Find yourself at Restoran RZ located at Jalan Utama which is near to Secret Recipe in Segamat. This restaurant are established since year 1983. 

Mee Siput Kak Chik Enterprise

Tired of the same taste of Mee? Let's give a try of Mee Siput with Sambal Tumis which is famous among Johorean as one of the snack.

Coconut Shake Luar Biasa

For coconut shake lover, Coconut Shake Luar Biasa can be a rescue to your addiction to Coconut Shake. Located at Parit Bunga, Muar, you can get a glass of mouth watering Coconut Shake.

Cendol Segar Amat

Too hot to handle? Try the best cendol in Segamat town. Cendol Segar Ahmad is located at the centre of Segamat City and they have a few branches around Segamat.

Taman Bunga Batu Hampar, Segamat

Taman Bunga Batu Hampar or also known as “Rock Garden” is the main recreational park in Segamat that draw attention not only local but also visitor from another town.

Hutan Lipur Air Terjun Sungai Bantang, Bekok

Are you waterfalls lover?  Check out Bantang waterfall, Bekok to satisfy your inner pleasure. The Bantang waterfall’s scenery is one of the view to die for.

Hutan Lipur Taka Melor

The amenity forest called been a sight to behold a perfect spot for a visitor to connect with nature. You will probably hear a loud chirping noises day and night made by a birds or a crickets, but hey, that is the beauty of it all. Taka Melor waterfall is

Dataran Segamat

Town of Segamat is the fifth largest town in the state of Johor, and one of their main attractions there is none other than Dataran Segamat (Segamat square) itself.

Asam Pedas Mak Pon

Located at Parit Jawa, Muar Johor, it is a sour yet spicy and tastes out of ordinary satisfying classic Malaysian dish that good enough to make you gulp and growl. Served with fragrant hot rice, there’s a variety of fish to choose from red snapper to catfish and their hot

Mee Racun Tulang Sri Jaya

Deadly name as it may sound but the taste of it would just make you love to call for another bowl. A dish that can be found only at Batu Pahat, mee racun (poison noodle) basically a famous noodle in a spicy tomato-based gravy, tofu and it comes with a

Old Street Batu Pahat

Want a fancy new sight-seeing on weekend with your children? If you happen to live in Johor, hop on your car and drive them to Old Street Commercial Centre.

Nasi Lemak Cik Chom

Located exactly at Bandar Batu Pahat, served simple hot fluffy and aromatic green rice topped with moderate spicy sambal and fancy add-ons such as fried chicken, sotong king, and sea bass enough to fill your tummy with happiness. Cik Chom’s operation hour start from 4:30 till 10 pm. Come earlier

Dataran Batu Pahat

Looking for a fun vibrant nightlife scene at Batu Pahat ? Check out Dataran Batu Pahat, place where you and your friends consider hang out at.

Kolam Air Panas Sg. Gersik

Find yourself dipping in the Sungai Gersik hot spring this weekend, there’s lots more than hot water on tap at this onetime family hangout.

Nasuha Spices and Herbs Paradise

Need a glimpse of how paradise feels like?  Drive all the way to Johor and head to Nasuha spices and herbs paradise.

One Segamat

. One Segamat is the first shopping mall in Segamat that introduce you towards a modern lifestyle shopping mall with Grand Prix Lotus Five Star as the main attraction here.

Laman Kreatif Kluang

For those arts junkies out there, Jalan Dato Teah Siew Khor in Kluang Johor probably the street that you do not want to miss out.

Kubu Bentayan

The last fortress of the retreat Malacca Sultanate soldiers before it falls during the attack of the Portuguese in the 15th century situated at the Sungai Bentayan, where the Bentayan Express Bus Station located now.

Wet World Glow Park

After all the splash and fun moment at the waterpark, consider yourself to take a walk at Wet World Glow Park.

Wet World Batu Pahat Waterpark

Wherever you head this school holiday you’re guarantee to make a splash to entertain the whole family. Wet world Batu Pahat waterpark is the place for you to get your huge splash.

Restoran Kari Kambing 40 Hari

Calling out for lamb lover out there, hunt down to Restoran kari kambing 40, definitely a must-go place to eat if you’re in town. The taste and fragrant of curry would get you the feeling of stumbled upon a hidden treasure.

Tropical Village Ayer Hitam

The world of replica at Tropical Village. It’s a remarkable theme park attraction of Ayer Hitam, Johor.

Pantai Minyak Beku (Frozen Oil Village)

Up close with the beach full of history at Pantai Minyak Beku.  As one of the main attraction around Batu Pahat, Pantai minyak beku is a place to relax your mind and also a port for those who love fishing

Kluang Coffee Powder Factory

No exploration in Johor is complete without stop by at Kluang coffee powder factory. An engaging tour inside the coffee production shows visitor from the selection of best beans to the innovative technology used throughout the whole process, it is a blessed opportunity to discover the place where local coffee

Hutan Lipur Soga Perdana

It’s time to move from your sedentary lifestyle and get fit at Hutan Lipur Soga Perdana, a recreational forest that is ideal for sightseeing, trekking, jogging and strolling. .

Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm (KOREF)

With just 45minutes drive from Kluang, you’ll be amazed by the uniqueness of Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm or known as KOREF for short offer you. By far this is the only one organic rice farm in Malaysia with over 260 acres of farming land! Not an ordinary farm as

Galeri Dato Onn (BP)

You know his name but not his story. So consider yourself to get to know Johor’s late former Chief Minister deeper than ever at gallery Dato Onn Jaafar located at Batu Pahat, Johor.

Gunung Arong Recreational Forest

As you walk through the lush greenery of this tropical rainforest you are serenaded by the beguiling symphony of the nature. Gunung Arong Recreational Forest offers a refreshing change of scene from the beaches and clear blue waters normally associated with Mersing.

Tanjung Leman Beach

Close your eyes and you hear the sultry sound of rolling waves, feeling the sand beneath your bare feet as if you were on an island, and then you realise that you haven’t yet arrived at your island destination.

Pulau Dayang

From the surface it appears to be the same ocean you’d see anywhere else, but below, a vibrant ecosystem bursting into life thrives completely unbeknownst to you. 

Pulau Pemanggil

As you approach the island you’re mesmerised by its inviting emerald-green waters, beckoning you to dive in and see what wonders it beholds. Pulau Pemanggil is a sequestered island and is one of the furthest off the Mersing coast. 

Pulau Rawa

Pulau Rawa would be a rocky, inaccessible islet in the South China Sea if it were not for its idyllic beach. Steep jungle clad slopes embrace the sweep of powdery white beach from behind and land meets water in smooth ripples of soft sand and gently lapping waves. At the

Pulau Sibu Besar

How could it be that a largely developed island manages to preserve its immense natural beauty while maintaining such an aura of serenity and tranquillity? Pulau Sibu Besar, as its name suggests is the largest of the three Sibu islands. 

Pulau Tinggi

Imagine sitting on a deck with the ocean breeze gently caressing your skin, watching an awe-inspiring sunset after a long, arduous day of relaxing on the beach. 

Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm

Enter the realm of these prehistoric beasts that have adapted over millions of years to become the awesome creatures that we see today. Crocodile World, also known as Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm is run by Mr. Ng, a third-generation crocodile farmer.

Tanjung Balau Fishermen's Museum

Be transported back in time to witness the bygone era of traditional fishing in Malaysia. The Tanjung Balau Fishermen's Museum is a one-of-a-kind attraction not only in Johor, but in Malaysia as well. 

Lotus Beach Desaru & Spa

As your feet touch the cool sand, take a deep breath and savour the aroma of the fresh ocean air. Tanjung Balau has a long stretch of beach running down its coastline.

Tanjung Balau

As your feet touch the cool sand, take a deep breath and savour the aroma of the fresh ocean air. Tanjung Balau has a long stretch of beach running down its coastline.

Teluk Mahkota (Jason's Bay)

An undiscovered treasure with the feel of your own private beach. Teluk Mahkota, formerly known as Jason’s Bay, has remained off the radar for quite some time. 

Homestay Kg. Puteri Menangis

A true testament to the spirit of Malaysian hospitality. Homestay Kampung Puteri Menangis is located in Kampung Puteri Menangis, Benut. 

Homestay Berayan

Warm, welcoming, endearing Malaysian hospitality. Homestay Berayan in Pontian exudes all that and more. The homestay is built around a traditional “kampung” environment, exhibiting the similarities and differences between traditional Malay villages in Johor with those of other states. 

Ladang Nanas

Agro tourism with a saccharine twist, this attraction showcases the long-standing love affair between Johor and pineapples. Ladang Nanas in Alor Bukit is, as the name suggests, a pineapple estate.

Nictar Bee Farm

A sugary sweet way to discover the lesser known highlights of Pontian. Nictar Bee Farm, tucked away in the middle of Malaysia’s oldest pineapple estate, showcases locally harvested pineapples and honey.

Jeti Nelayan Sungai Rambah

Traders, warriors, seafarers and at times pirates, the Bugis were one of the many ethnic groups that had come to settle in Peninsular Malaysia.

RAMSAR Site Sungai Pulai

A complex, flourishing ecosystem of mangroves, mudflats and riverine forests that epitomise Johor’s natural beauty. Sungai Pulai is another RAMSAR site that is abundant in lush greenery. The habitat houses unique mangrove wildlife, with birds such as the Mangrove Blue Flycatcher and mammals including the Brush-tailed Porcupines and Scaly Ant-Eaters.

Pulau Kukup National Park

An island shrouded in legends of princesses and curses, or so the folklore says. Pulau Kukup National Park is one of the largest uninhabited mangrove forests in the world.

Kampung Sungai Melayu

Marvel at over 100 species of animals living in one of the oldest zoos in Malaysia, Zoo Johor.

Dataran Bandaraya Johor Bahru

The soul of Johor Bahru captured in a square that serves as a reminder of the humble beginnings of this thriving, rapidly developing city. Dataran Bandaraya has been the main square of Johor Bahru since it was declared a city back in December of 1993.

Muzium Layang-Layang

Through the ages of time, kites have been more than just instruments of play in Malaysia; they have been symbolic of the rich Malay culture that has withstood the test of time. 

Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park

Puteri Harbour Theme Park is in a modern building which resembles a shopping mall or an office complex. It is located in the fast developing of Nusajaya adjoining Puteri Harbour Marina and faces Singapore on the opposite bank of the Straits of Johor.

Pisang Mawar

Crisp, golden batter hiding a soft, sweet banana cooked to absolute perfection, this will take your taste buds for a wild ride. 

Salahuddin Bakery

The wafting aroma of baking bread warmed by crackling flame of the wood-fired oven is enough to entice anyone walking along Jalan Dhoby to stop by. 

Restoran Selasih

Send your taste buds on a gastronomical adventure, sampling quintessential Malay fare in a proper restaurant environment. 

Dinosaur Alive Watertheme Park

Put yourself in a child’s shoes and imagine the absolute amazement and awe of seeing these giant prehistoric creatures come to life. 

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

The first SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN attraction outside of Japan consists of various interactive and walk-through activities, which follow the popular Hello Kitty theme.
Austin Height Water & Adventure Park

Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Come one come all to a world of adrenaline-pumping, heart-stopping, high octane action that is this water wonderland. Austin Heights Water Park which opened late 2015 provides fun for the entire family.  
Angry Birds Activity Park

Angry Birds Activity Park

The indoor park covers 26,000 sq.ft. and is strategically located in the premises of KOMTAR JBCC, Johor Bahru City Centre's newest premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination.

Royal Abu Bakar Museum

Located along Jalan Skudai, Johor Bahru, the mosque was constructed between 1892 and 1900.
Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar

Located along Jalan Skudai, Johor Bahru, the mosque was constructed between 1892 and 1900.

Dataran Segamat

Dataran Segamat - Dataran Segamat or Segamat Square was constructed in 1996 as the main venue for Johor's state level celebration of the Malaysian National Day. 

Restoran Asli Mualaf Asam Pedas

Longing for the asam pedas that is so Pontian? Drive over to Restoran Asli Mualaf Assam Pedas where you can pick your own fresh fish, be it the pari (stingray) or any other to be cooked with your preferred dish.

Mee Rebus Sentap Anim

A visit to Pontian would not be complete without a visit to Mee Rebus Sentap Anim, well known for the best Mee Rebus in town.

Ketupat Sabri

Ketupat Sabri is the first restaurant in Pontian to exclusively serve Raya delicacies, much to the delight of the locals.
Medan Ikan Bakar Johoriau

Medan Ikan Bakar Johoriau

If you are looking for local Johorean seafood with a 5-star rating and a restaurant with great design, then head over to the feast that is at the Medan Ikan Bakar Johoriau. 

Pakistan Restaurant Tandoori House

Javanese, Chinese, Malay and Arab influences are not the only ones that help shape Johor culinary culture, there is a dash of Indian too in the mix, the proof of which is in the pudding so to speak. Or perhaps in the paratha served at the MYL Tandoori House in
Dee Beach Tomyam Seafood

Dee Beach Tomyam Seafood Mersing

A local seafood haven, Dee Beach Tomyam Seafood Mersing is known for the seafood dishes it serves and its affordable pricing.
Homestay Kg Sri Paya

Homestay Kg. Sri Paya

Kampung Sri Paya was founded in year 1959 by the late Hj Roslan Bin Haji Abu Nahar and Ujang Yusof. Located about 20 Km from Johor Bahru city close to oil palm plantations SimeDarby.
Tasik Y

Tasik Y

After a long day of exploring the beauty of Batu Pahat, the calm surroundings  of Tasik Y will surely revive one’s weary mind. Enjoy a refreshing bowl of ice-cold sweet cendol to boost up your energy! 
Pulai Golf

Pulai Springs Country Club Johor

Pulai Springs Country Club Johor offers a world class experience for golfers and jetsetters around the globe.
Impian Emas Goft

Impian Emas Golf & Country Club

Impian Emas Golf Club is strategically located in the heart of Johor Bahru and offers the best 9-hole public golf course in the country.
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Horizon Hills Golf & Country Club

Visit the stunning landscape of Horizon Hills and enjoy more than just a game of golf here.
Restoran ZZ

Restoran ZZ Sup Tulang

Slurp away at ZZ Sup Tulang, the best place for a delectable bowl of Mee Rebus Sup Tulang.
Zafran Restaurant

Restoran Zafran – Nasi Arab

Be prepared to be transported to the Sahara desert with a bite of Zafran’s signature dishes.
Tepian Tebrau

Medan Selera Tepian Tebrau

Try out all the good food at Medan Selera Tepian Tebrau for the diverse taste of Malaysia!

Lokap Café

Dine at Lokap Café – where the astoundingly delectable food will keep your taste buds locked in amazement.


Bite into chunks of home-made patties at Burgerbytes – where taste and originality are main ingredients.
Ayam Goreng Dapur Kayu

Ayam Goreng Dapur Kayu

Simplicity at its best, Ayam Goreng Dapur Kayu serves up an appetising dish of rice and fried chicken prepared traditionally with firewood.
Ts Wonderland

TS Wonderland

Beat the heat at TS wonderland, an indoor wet theme park filled with fun and adventures!
suara ok

Suara O.K.

Belt your favourite tunes and sing your hearts out at Suara O.K., for a fun filled family entertainment.

R&F Tanjung Puteri

Relax, unwind and immerse in the sunset view at R&F Tanjung Puteri, a Balinese concept resting spot in Johor.

Legoland Malaysia

Experience, explore and enjoy the first LEGO themed joy park where fun is everywhere for all to find!

Warehouse @ Kilang Bateri

For those travelling with children, the battery factory offers an educational and recreational experience for the young ones.


Experience the technicolour wonderland at the heart of Johor Bahru in ICT Garden.
Country Garden

Country Garden Danga Bay

Located five minutes away from the city centre and Singapore, the Country Garden Danga Bay has a stunning 180 degrees of panoramic sea view overlooking the stunning city skyline of Singapore and beyond.

Bazaar Karat – Johor Bahru

The bustling night bazaar is a must- visit for visitors looking for bric-a-bric, preloved items, phone casings and many more.

Plaza Larkin

Shop for a cause and help local entrepreneurs grow their businesses at Plaza Larkin Johor Bahru.

Angsana Johor Bahru Mall

Known as a shopping hub, shopping destinations are aplenty in Johor Bahru. Another shopping spot is Angsana Johor Bahru Mall, a one-stop shopping mall extravaganza located in Tampoi Urban Centre.
Leisure Mall

Pelangi Leisure Mall

Head on to Pelangi Leisure Mall for some much needed pampering, budget hunts, and electronic accessories.

Komtar Johor Bahru City Centre

Shopaholics, take note. If brands like Dior, Pandora and Sephora excites you, then Komtar Johor Bahru City Centre is the place to be!

Danga City Mall

Visit Danga City Mall, where exhibitions come alive to ignite your curiosity.
Zoo Johor

Zoo Johor

Marvel at over 100 species of animals living in one of the oldest zoos in Malaysia, Zoo Johor.
Stadium TSDHHY

Stadium Tan Sri Dato’ Hj Hassan Yunos

Support your local footie favourite at Stadium Tan Sri Dato’ Hj Hassan Yunos, where the fun never stops
Johor Gu Miou

Johor Gu Miao

Visit the oldest Chinese temple in Johor Bahru and gain a fascinating insight on one of the oldest cultures in Malaysia.
Istana Bukit Serene

Istana Bukit Serene

The Istana Bukit Serene is the official residence for the Sultan of Johor and remains as one of the most famous landmarks in Johor.

Gurdwara Sahib Sikh Temple

Immerse in the rich culture of the Sikh at Gurdwara Sahib Sikh Temple and learn more on their exotic heritage.
Johor Art Gallery

Galeri Seni Johor

Connect to Johor’s history, art and architectural glory at the Johor Art Gallery, a historical building that stood the test of time since 1910.
Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim

Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim

Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim is a monument of western and eastern architecture, a symbol where traditional and modern civilization blended harmoniously together.
Tanjung Piai

Tanjung Piai National Park

Escape the hustle-bustle of city life to the calm and lilting sounds of the soothing ocean at Tanjung Piai National Park.
Bugis Museum

Johor Bugis Museum

Traders, warriors, seafarers and at times pirates, the Bugis were one of the many ethnic groups that had come to settle in Peninsular Malaysia.
Kemangi Restaurant

Kemangi Restaurant

Kemangi Restaurant is located at the ground floor of No 907 Jalan Bakek, in the town of Pontian Kechil.

Kukup Golf Resort

The Kukup Golf Resort sits on the South Western tip of Peninsula Malaysia, in the district of Pontian
Kluang Mall

Kluang Mall

The largest leading lifestyle shopping centre in central Johor, Kluang Mall opened for business in 2008, is a shining jewel in the crown of Kluang Town’s city centre.
Gunung Lambak

Gunung Lambak

Gunung Lambak is a popular hiking and trekking destination for locals and it has become a must-visit getaway for tourists in the know.
Gunung Belumut

Gunung Belumut

Gunung Belumut, which translates literally as mossy mountain in English, is said to have gotten its name from the prevalence of mossy and slippery rocks in the area.
Gulai Kawah & Asam Pedas Hj Ishak

Nasi Gulai Kawah & Asam Pedas Haji Ishak

Nearby Ailang Hotel, situated at Blok L Perumahan Flat Haji Manan, a short distance from Kluang railway station, this eatery is famous for its ‘gulai kawah’, beef  curry cooked in a big wok.

Kluang Rail Coffee

For those seeking to experience true old-style Malaysian cuisine, be it a steaming hot cup of aromatic coffee or a delightful plate of nasi lemak with sambal on the side, Kluang RailCoffee offers an enticing taste of eclectic local flavours.
Zenxin Organic Park

Zenxin Organic Park

The first open-to public organic farm in Malaysia, Zenxin Organic Park opens its doors for both educational and recreational visits.
Maharani Uptown

Maharani Uptown

From an “I Love Johor” t-shirt to the local snack of kerepek. Whatever your heart’s desire, just name it and you can find it here at Maharani Uptown.
Tanjung Emas Jetty

Tanjung Emas Jetty

Tanjung Emas Recreational Park overlooks the Muar River and offers many adventures for those seeking to get close to nature and have some family fun.
Mee Rebus Abu Hanafiah

Mee Rebus Abu Bakar Hanipah

The origin of the iconic Mee Rebus Muar, Mee Rebus Abu Bakar Hanipah still serve the noodle dish using the same recipe that was passed down from the current owner’s late father.
Mee Bandung Central

Mee Bandung Central

The go-to restaurant to find many of Muar’s gastronomic delicacies in one place, Mee Bandung Central takes its name from Muar’s signature dish, none other than the Mee Bandung noodle dish.
Kota Tinggi Waterfalls

Kota Tinggi Waterfalls

Replenish your mind and shake the stress away at Kota Tinggi Waterfalls , one of the most treasured waterfalls in Kota Tinggi, Johor
Kampung Johor Lama

Kampung Johor Lama

Leave the hectic city life and experience the rustic and relaxed lifestyle at Kampung Johor Lama for a truly unique travel experience.
Kota Tinggi Museum

Kota Tinggi Museum

Designed to showcase and commemorate the glory of the Johor Sultanate which began after the fall of the ancient Malacca Empire to the Portuguese in 1511, construction of the Kota Tinggi Museum began in 1997, and it was open to the public in 2002.
Sengat Seafood Restaurant

Sengat Seafood Restaurant

Taste one of the best Halal Chinese seafood cuisines in town at Sengat Seafood Restaurant.
Restoran Terapung Bujang Fire Fly

Restoran Terapung Bujang Firefly

Dine on a floating boat across the mangroves  of Desaru and watch the fireflies on a romantic night out with your loved one.

Restoran Basher Nasi Ayam

Basher’s chicken rice is a must- try for all who step foot in Kota Tinggi Johor – so put this restaurant in your ‘must visit’ list. 
Gerai Belangkas Mahkota

Gerai Belangkas Mahkota

Seafood galore! If seafood is your craving, then Gerai Belangkas Mahkota will have the perfect remedy for your grumbling stomach.
Taman Negara Endau Rompin

Taman Negara Endau Rompin

The guardian of over 80,000 hectares of some of the world’s oldest tropical rainforest, The Endau Rompin National Park covers a large part of north west Johor.
Pulau Mensirip

Pulau Mensirip

One of the uninhibited islands in the waters off Mersing, Pulau Mensirip is another haven for scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. A gem that is worth the visit for those whose interest  will take them to the waters. d take a look.
Pulau Harimau

Pulau Harimau

Pulau Harimau if translated to English means 'tiger island' is an uninhabited island, its deserted locale serves as a sweet spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. Enthusiasts of both pastimes should do well to come here and take a look.
Pulau Tengah

Pulau Tengah

Pulau Tengah, which is literally 'middle island' in English, is famed for the crystal clear waters surrounding it, and is the ideal place for sunbathing and swimming.
Pulau Besar

Pulau Besar

Pulau Besar  literally means 'large island' in English, is known for its stretches of white sandy beaches, nearby idyllic Malay village and collection of rustic resorts.
Pulau Aur

Pulau Aur

A picturesque island with verdant and rocky landscape, Pulau Aur is home to two resorts catering mainly for scuba divers and anglers.

Kedai Ucu Selera Kita

A local food haven, Kedai Ucu selera Kita is known for the many varieties of local dishes it serves and its affordable pricing.
Pantai Pasir Lanun

Pantai Pasir Lanun

A hidden enclave of sorts, the aptly named Pantai Pasir Lanun which literally means Pirate Sands Beach in English is a gem worth the long journey.
Pantai Air Papan

Pantai Air Papan

A shallow and sandy beach facing Pulau Setindan, Pantai Air Papan is a popular destination for locals and day trippers who fancy a swim and some fun in the sun.

Sanggar Srikandi Beach Resort

Located  about 26km from Mersing town, The Sanggar Srikandi Beach Resort offers various attractions and activities for visitors who want to experience Mersing’s natural beach and seashore.
D’ Coconut Beach Resort

D’ Coconut Beach Resort

D’ Coconut Beach Resort is a tropical haven situated on the island of Pulau Besar, Johor. The island is formally known as Pulau Babi Besar and has been gazetted a marine park.
Aseania Beach Resort

Aseania Beach Resort

One of several resorts on the beautiful island and marine park of Pulau Besar, Aseania Beach Resort offers visitors a glimpse of the beauty of the protected ecosystem and its aquatic wild life.
The Legends Golf & Country Club

The Legends Golf & Country Club

The Legends Golf & Country Club is located in beautiful Sedenak, Johor just a 40-minute drive away from the Second Causeway via the North-South Highway.
Johor Premium Outlets

Johor Premium Outlets

The first luxury premium brand outlet in Southeast Asia providing 130 premium stores and services on its two floors, the Johor Premium Outlets of Kulaijaya District is one of the major attractions in Johor.
Hutan Bandar Putra

Hutan Bandar Putra

Part of a 20-acre development by IOI in conjunction with the Kulaijaya Municipal Council, the Hutan Bandar Putra recreational park is located near Senai Airport.
Genting Indahpura Sports City

Genting Indahpura Sports City

A haven for sports lovers, Genting Indahpura Sports City is located at Taman Indapura, in Kulaijaya District.

Nasi Lemak Bandar Putra

Nasi Lemak Bandar Putra is of two famous stalls that is said to offer the best nasi lemak Malay rice dish in Kulai, the other being Nasi Lemak Wak Kentut.
Restoran Adwa Nasi Kandar

Restoran Adwa Nasi Kandar

Serves largely a signature dish of Penang, you do not need to leave the south just to have Nasi Kandar.
Nasi Lemak Wak Kentut

Nasi Lemak Wak Kentut

Nasi Lemak Wak Kentut which literally translates into “flatulent uncle coconut rice” is a famous stall in Kulai that serves what is said to one of the best nasi lemak  with fried crispy chicken and sambal in the district.

Muha Tomyam

A local lunch crowd favourite Muha Tomyam is known for its variety, serving over 20 sumptuous dishes at midday meal.
Nanyang Aquaculture

Nanyang Aquaculture

Dealing in imported, classic and rare species of different kinds of fish, the Nanyang Aquarium Centre is both an aqua-farming treasure trove and one-stop centre for fish aficionado.
Mount Ophir @ Gunung Ledang

Mount Ophir @ Gunung Ledang

Conquer the peak of the mystical Gunung Ledang, discover the spectacular cascading water of the Puteri Waterfall, or simply enjoy the nature within the safe cocoon of Ledang Resort at the Gunung Ledang National Park.
BP Mall

Batu Pahat Mall

The largest shopping mall in Batu Pahat beckons all shopaholics to enter and shop to their hearts’ delight.  
Pasar Karat Batu Pahat

Pasar Karat Batu Pahat

The bustling Karat market is a shopping haven for antique lovers  laden with antique treasures, vintage clothing, gently-used goods, souvenirs and an assortment of bric-a-brac.  
BP Walk

BP Walk

Taste the nightlife of Batu Pahat at BP Walk, where everything comes alive after sunset. During football season, BP Walk is transformed into a mini stadium as football lovers congregate alongside this strip to watch the matches. 
Restoran D’Merong

Restoran D’Merong

Restoran D’Merong, located at Jalan Pasar, offers a variety of local delicacies for patrons. This food haven served up plenty of treats for early risers, the lunch crowd and night owls with a long list of menu that aims to delight.  
Kota Iskandar

Kota Iskandar

Step into a different league of architectural beauty at Kota Iskandar, the pride and joy of Johor.
Asam Pedas Mak Limah

Asam Pedas Mak Limah

A trip to Johor would be incomplete without a sampling of the famous Asam Pedas dish, and a taste from Asam Pedas Mak Limah will surely leave your palate tingling for more.