Entry Procedure
Visitors who wish to come to Johor or would like to enter Malaysia must have a passport or valid travel document with a minimum valid period of 6 months upon the last date of entry into Malaysia.Visa Requirements
Commonwealth citizen (restricted) do not need a visa to enter the State of Johor. ASEAN nationals do not require a visa for social and business visits if the duration of the visits do not exceed one month.

Drug Trafficking
Drug trafficking is an offence and may be subject to mandatory death penalty.

Items such as video equipment, cameras, radio cassette players, watches, pens, lighters, cosmetics and fragrances are tax-free in he State of Johor. Visitors who bring taxable goods may have to pay a deposit (refundable) to bring in the goods.

Laws on Distribution of Currencies
Starting from October 1, 1998, all visitors are required to fill out a form for declaration of currencies upon arrival or exit of Malaysia. Permanent residents and non-permanent residents are allowed to bring not more than RM1, 000 cash