The newest addition to the Johorean districts is Tangkak. The Gunung Ledang National Park is where the mysterious Gunung Ledang, also called Mount Ophir awaits, teeming with the allure of its fabled mystical princess, Puteri Gunung Ledang.

With Tangkak as its principal town, the district also encompasses Tanjung Agas, Kesang, Sungai Mati, Serom, Sagil and Bukit Gambir.   

The district was once the northern part of the Muar district, separated from the southern part by the river that bore the parent district’s name.


Places to go

Mount Ophir @ Gunung Ledang

Mount Ophir @ Gunung Ledang

Conquer the peak of the mystical Gunung Ledang, discover the spectacular cascading water of the Puteri Waterfall, or simply enjoy the nature within the safe cocoon of Ledang Resort at the Gunung Ledang National Park.