The name Segamat is derived from the expression ’ most immediate ’ or ’ very fresh’. These expressions were born from the mouth of Bendahara Tepok during his exile upstream of the Muar River after the Portuguese conquered Melaka. Bendahara Tepok who suffered a paralysis was stretchered to the boat. Upon reaching Lubuk Batu, he exclaimed, how very quickly his entourage had reached a safe place, away from the threat of the Portuguese.  Because on that day, the weather was quite hot, Bendaraha Tepok had a bath there. Bendahara Tepok had said after the bath, “how fresh this body feels ” these words by Bendahara Tepok became a common phrase among his followers and subsequently, the settlements where they lived was named Segamat.

Places to go


Restoran RZ

Been to Segamat and looking for restaurant serve various of dishes? Find yourself at Restoran RZ located at Jalan Utama which is near to Secret Recipe in Segamat. This restaurant are established since year 1983. 

Cendol Segar Amat

Too hot to handle? Try the best cendol in Segamat town. Cendol Segar Ahmad is located at the centre of Segamat City and they have a few branches around Segamat.

Taman Bunga Batu Hampar, Segamat

Taman Bunga Batu Hampar or also known as “Rock Garden” is the main recreational park in Segamat that draw attention not only local but also visitor from another town.

Hutan Lipur Air Terjun Sungai Bantang, Bekok

Are you waterfalls lover?  Check out Bantang waterfall, Bekok to satisfy your inner pleasure. The Bantang waterfall’s scenery is one of the view to die for.

Hutan Lipur Taka Melor

The amenity forest called been a sight to behold a perfect spot for a visitor to connect with nature. You will probably hear a loud chirping noises day and night made by a birds or a crickets, but hey, that is the beauty of it all. Taka Melor waterfall is

Dataran Segamat

Town of Segamat is the fifth largest town in the state of Johor, and one of their main attractions there is none other than Dataran Segamat (Segamat square) itself.

Dataran Segamat

Dataran Segamat - Dataran Segamat or Segamat Square was constructed in 1996 as the main venue for Johor's state level celebration of the Malaysian National Day.